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Hanall Biopharma, Completed the Clinical Trial Phase 1 of “HL036,” New Medicine for Dry Eye Disease

Park Seung-guk Chief Director of Research Center


[사진]박승국 연구소장Hanall Biopharma (CEO Kim Seong-uk and CEO Park Seung-guk) has clarified that CEO Park Seung-guk (photo) has received the commendation by the Minister of Health and Welfare at the 69th General Assembly of Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association for his contribution to the development of pharmaceutical industry in Korea. Senior Research Engineer Kim Yeong-ju of the Bio Research Center of Hanall Biopharma also has received the commendation by the chairman of Health and Welfare Committee under the National Assembly. 



EO Park Seung-guk has been in the R&D field of biomedicine for over 20 years. As a leader of biomedicine in Korea, he has successfully developed “Easyef Topical Solution” of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, the first new medicine in bioengineering, when he held the post of the chief director of research center of Daewoong Pharmaceutical. After he was relocated to the chief director of Bio Research Center of Hanall Biopharma in 2007, he has been leading the R&D field of antibody medicines and future Bio Better of Hanall, and from 2013, he has been in charge of R&D and production of Hanall Biopharma as the CEO.


By using the commercialization technology of Bio Better, Hanall is developing bio medicines, and it is planning to apply for the clinical trial phase 1 of “protein medicine for dry eye disease” in Korea. Moreover, Hanall is developing the “antibody with novel mechanism to cure severe autoimmune disease,” and it is expecting to achieve the global license within this year.

CEO Park Seung-guk receiving the Commendation by the Minister of Health and Welfare

보건복지부장관표창을 수상하고 있는 박승국 대표

<Photo> Park Seung-guk the CEO of Hanall Biopharma (right) is taking the commendation by the Minister of Health and Welfare.