Compliance and Ethics

We act with high ethics.

  1. CEO
    • Board of Directors
    • HR
    • Anti-Bribery and
      Corruption Officeer
    • ABMC
      (Anti-bribery management committee)
    • Anti-Bribery and
      Corruption Management Team
      • Business Management Division
      • Sales Support Division
      • Sales Division
      • Research Division
      • Development Division
      • Manufacturing Division
    • All managers and employees included

CP Organization

  1. CEO
    • Board of
    • HR
    • In-house Compliance
      Management Team
    • CPRC
      (Compliance Risk Committee)
      • Sales Support
      • Sales Planning
      • Product Management
      • Clinical development
      • Finance
      • HR
    • Team/department managers across the company

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Board of Directors
    • Approval for administrator of self-compliance and CP organization
    • Decision on CP management policy and regular semester report
  • Administrator of Self-compliance
    • Rights and responsibilities
      for CP administration
    • Administration of internal hotline
      report to CEO
  • CEO
    • Declaration of will of self-compliance
    • Aid for enough manpower and budget
  • CP Administration Team Leader
    • Establishment of law-abiding control system and CP administration policy
    • Administration of education, monitoring, restriction, documents, etc.
  • CP Manager
    in each department
    • Basic CP tasks and primary judge for legal violation
    • Selection of team manager of each department (or team leader) (may vary in certain major departments)
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