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Hanall Completed the CGMP-class Production Plant for Cutting-edge Solid Formula

Hanall Completed the CGMP-class Production Plant for Cutting-edge Solid Formula 


Doubling the Production Capacity with New Extension, Aiming for Additional Annual Production of 500 million Tablets

A Part of Long-term Project for Harmonious Growth between R&D and Qualified Production


On 10th, Hanall Biopharma (CEO Kim Seong-uk and CEO Park Seung-guk) has revealed that the world-class production plant for solid formula has been extended.

This new plant has 1,300 m2 of gross area and three ground floors to be extended from the original production plant. Since the granulating system for continuous mass production of solid formula, the automated packing device, and the central environmental management system are newly introduced in this plant, the quantitative extension of production and perfect quality are assured by this leading-edge facility. Under daytime operation, including the composites, about 500 million tablets of solid formula are expected to be produced additionally per year.

Showing the best passion and performances of R&D in Korea, Hanall Biopharma has constructed the similar size of fluid production plant in 2007 and has been producing 2-chamber bag total parenteral nutrition (TPN), and not only the quality and performance of this product but also the design have been well-received domestically and overseas.

As a part of the long-term project for harmonious growth of R&D and qualified production, Hanall Biopharma is planning to expand plants and to introduce a new production system. One of the staffs has said, “Through the expansion of this plant, the production capacity of solid formula has been doubled, but this expansion was actually to enhance quality rather than quantity.”

Being right around the corner of launching new composites and injections, Hanall Biopharma is planning to reinforce advantages of new facilities to target domestic and overseas markets with the best quality to become the global corporation. 






[이미지] 한올바이오파마 고형제생산공장 준공식

Photo 1. Ceremonyfor Complete Construction of New Hanall Biopharma Plant (from the third-left, President Kim Byeong-tae of Hanall Biopharma, CEO Kim Seong-uk, and CEO Park Seung-guk)


[Image] Ceremony for Complete Construction of Hanall Biopharma Solid Formula Production Plant



[이미지] 한올바이오파마 신공장 외부전경


Photo 2. External View of New Hanall Biopharma Plant

[Image] Inside of New Hanall Biopharma Plant_ Inspection of Production Line



[이미지] 한올바이오파마 신공장 내부_ 생산라인 점검


Photo 3. A staff of Hanall Biopharma is inspecting the leading-edge automation device and the production line at the new CGMP-class high-tech solid formula production plant.