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HanAll Biopharma Awarded the Prime Minister’s Citation at the Korea New Growth Management Awards


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HanAll Biopharma (CEO Park Seung-kook and CEO Yoon Jae-chun) was awarded the Prime Minister’s Citation in Science and Technology category at the 14th Korea New Growth Management Awards for its contribution to informing the excellence of the Korean pharmaceutical industry by holding original technologies of new bio drugs and implementing creative management.

At the awards ceremony, HanAll Biopharma was highly appreciated for its contribution to the development of the Korean pharmaceutical industry and the continuous research and development efforts by exporting its technology of HL161 autoimmune disease treatment and HL036 dry eye syndrome treatment, which are the first-in-class drugs developed in Korea, on Dec. 19th to China, and by singing technology export agreements with countries in North America (including the U.S.) and additionally in Central and South America, EU members, the U.K., Switzerland, the Middle East and North Africa.


"Winning an award at the New Growth Management Awards is very significant in that HanAll Biopharma has been recognized for its efforts in research and development. HanAll Biopharma will continue to do its best to lead the domestic biotechnology industry and to become a hope for patients who are suffering from diseases through continuous development of new biopharmaceuticals," said Park Seung-kook, CEO of HanAll Biopharma.