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Park Seung-kook, CEO of HanAll Biopharma Awarded of the President’s Citation on the Science Day


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HanAll Biopharma announced on the 20th that CEO Park Seung-kook was selected as a person of scientific and technological merit in the Government Awards in commemoration of the 51st Science Day in 2018 and received the President’s Citation.

CEO Park Seung-kook has largely contributed to national economic development and advancement of bioindustry because HanAll Biopharma developed "Easyef solution," the first biotechnological new drug of Korea in 2001 by integrating development of a new drug with biotechnology studied by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and exported technology of two first-in-class new antibody drugs to the U.S., Europe and China for USD 583.5 million. HanAll’s successive success in technology export at the end of last year as selected as "Top 10 Science & Technology News in 2017" announced by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST).

The "Easyef solution," which was developed for the first time in Korea, was licensed and released in 14 countries around the world by the Daewoong Pharmaceutical, and HanAll Biopharma exported the technology of HL036, a new drug for dry eye syndrome, and HL161, a new antibody drug, and they are under phase 2 clinical study in the U.S. and under phase 1 clinical study in Australia and Canada, respectively. 

Park Seung-kook, CEO of the company, said, "I think I am awarded as a representative of many people who have worked hard together until now." With the development of new drugs through global outsourcing strategy, I want to show you how a small- and medium-type pharmaceutical company like HanAll Biopharma develops into a global firm. "

The "Science Day" event, which began in 1968, is organized by KOFST under the supervision of the Ministry of Science and ICT, and people with merits in the promotion of science and technology are selected and awarded at the event.