R&D is
the heart of our mission to develop global medicines for incurable diseases.

R&D Fields of HanAll Biopharma

A driving force to leap to the “Global Health Care Group Leading Improvement of Life Quality”

Autoimmune Development of Bio Better to overcome the breakthrough of conventional medicine and new global antibody medicine
for new target
Immuno-oncology Development of anticancer medicine that overcomes conventional limitation
of toxicity and tolerance
IV nutrition R&D of distinctive/gentrified products for intravenous
nutrition therapy
Since biomedicines have less toxicity and high medicinal effect compare to synthetic medicine, many products are being developed in various fields of diseases.

Yet, the needs for development of products for diseases with no proper therapeutic method and for development of conventional medicines with no problem are very high.
Hanall Bio Research Center is studying and developing new global bio medicines through Bio Better modified from conventional medicines and R&D of therapeutic antibody with new mechanism.

01 Bio Better medicine
for dry eye diseases with improved penetration and efficacy

By using the amino acid transfer technology, we are developing anti-TNT Bio Better with improved stability, distribution rate in tissue, and medicinal effect as a therapeutic eye bath drop to cure dry eye that overcomes limitations of conventional protein medicines.

02 Novel antibody medicine
for severe autoimmune diseases

We are studying for novel antibodies with novel mechanism to target various severe autoimmune diseases.

Likewise, through the development of new global bio medicine, Hanall Biopharma will save patients from diseases and pain, and we will contribute to the export of technology and expansion of sales to become the best corporation of new bio medicine in the country.

Immuno oncology
Known as the third generation anticancer medicine, the immuno-oncology drugs remedy conventional shortcomings of conventional anti cancer drugs in toxicity and tolerance

The most significant characteristic of anticancer immuno-antibody is to bring continuous anticancer effect by raising an immune system of patient, and thus the anticancer immuno-antibody is being highlighted as the medicine to open the era of complete cure of cancer. Yet, there are not many patients reacting to anticancer immuno-antibodies in the market. Hanall is concentratinge on R&D of the future anticancer immuno-antibody.

01 Exploration of antibody candidates with effects

To screening for promising antibody candidates, we use both phage display technology and hybridoma technology to select various antibody candidates. Based on effects, the final antibody candidates will be selected through the verification steps: stage 1 (in vitro assay), stage 2 (ex vivo assay), and stage 3 (in vivo assay).

02 Estimation of clinical effect of antibody candidates

Through the joint study with outside specialists and field experts, we analyze the distribution of target and ligand on immune cells patients and explore the characteristics of cancer cells and immune cells of the patients who do not react to conventional anticancer immuno-antibodies for development of biomarkers.

03 Exploration of optimal combination of medicine for parallel use

We explore not only the independent effects of selected antibody candidates but also other anticancer immuno-antibodies and anticancer medicines to reveal the optimal remedial effect from parallel use to bring hope to all patients in pain from cancers.

IV nutrition
Medicines for direct supply of essential nutrients to blood vessels of patients lacking nutrients are called the medicines of intravenous nutrition therapy.

Depending on conditions and symptoms of each patient, types and quantities of essential nutrients shall vary. The Central Research Center of Hanall Biopharma is studying and developing medicines of intravenous nutrition therapy to maintain health of mankind as the followings.

01 Improvement of IVNT medicine

Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd. is studying and developing new advanced products modified from conventional products to easily adjust types and quantities of nutrients within infusion and IV injection for conditions of individuals.

02 Differentiation of IVNT medicine

For competitiveness not only in the domestic market but also in the global market, Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd. is studying and developing distinctive new products by improving new injection containers and storage conditions.

03 Enhancement of quality of IVNT medicine

For health of patients, Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd. is studying and developing products with higher quality to be manufactured and distributed.