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Disclosures & Reports

Public Disclosures

NO Title Date Submission Obligator
10 Other Management Information(Voluntary Disclosure) 2020/05/25 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
9 Interim Report on Business Performance(Fair Disclosure) 2020/05/08 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
8 Suspension of Trading and Resumption of Trading Thereafter(As a result of Disclosure of Important Corporate Information) 2020/05/08 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
7 Suspension of Business Operation 2020/05/08 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
6 [Investment Caution] Issue traded by linked accounts with high market influence 2020/03/30 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
5 Outcome of Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2020/03/20 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
4 Reporting reasons for holding general shareholders' meeting on the most concentrated date 2020/03/05 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
3 Decision on Calling Shareholders' Meeting 2020/03/03 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
2 Submission of Audit Report 2020/02/26 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD
1 Implementation and Operation of Compliance Program of the Fair Trade Commission 2020/02/03 HANALL BIOPHARMA CO.,LTD

Electronic Announcement

공시정보 전자공고 목록
NO Title Date Related Data
2 2018 Statement of financial position 2019-03-22
1 2017 Statement of financial position 2018-03-30

Management Regulation on Public Announcement

공시정보 전자공고 목록
NO Title Date Related Data
1 Management Regulation on Public Announcement 2009-08-31