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Hanall, Boosting the R&D of New Global Medicine through Joint Management with Daewoong Pharmaceutical
Hanall, Boosting the R&D of New Global Medicine through Joint Management with Daewoong Pharmaceutical



Hanall Bio Pharma (CEO Park Seung-guk) will boost the R&D of new medicine through joint management with Daewoong Pharmaceutical to become the global new medicine company.

On last 29th, Daewoong Pharmaceutical has announced that it will join the management by gaining 6 million old shares and 9.5 million new shares through paid-in capital increase, total 15.5 million shares (30.2% of share).

With respect to acquisition of share of Hanall Bio Pharma by Daewoong Pharmaceutical, CEO Lee Jong-uk of Daewoong Pharmaceutical has evaluated, “The R&D performance of Hanall with long-lasting investment and R&D and global network and powerful business competence of Daewoong will make a huge synergy effect.”

Through the global network of Daewoong, the probability of global licensing out of new medicine developed by Hanall will be higher, and by using the powerful business competence of Daewoong, the domestic sales of new advanced medicines by Hanall will be expanded to become the major products.

Invested 122 billion KRW in R&D for the past 11 years, Hanall Bio Pharma has concentrated on continuous development of new medicines. As a result, Hanall Bio Pharma has more than 10 new medicine projects in clinical trials, and including 90 foreign patents, Hanall Bio Pharma has total 151 registered patents. Among major projects, HL036 for dry eye disease in the clinical trial phase 1 and HL161 the antibody medicine for treatment of autoimmune disease under pre-clinical phase are evaluated to have enough values as new global bio medicines.


HL036 for dry eye disease is Bio Better medicine with advanced anti-TNF antibody. It restricts combination with TNF receptor, which brings various inflammatory disease, to have outstanding therapeutic mechanism for anti-inflammation.


The anti-TNF antibody is the largest antibody medicine with the market size of 26 trillion KRW over the world, and the representative product is Enbrel Inj for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. HL036 is Bio Better with molecular reorganization that has been improved to indicate more stability and vitality and high tissue-distribution rate compare to conventional anti-TNF antibody. This advanced “HL036” may be applied to arthritis, chronic respiratory infection, neurological infection, inflammatory bowel disease, and other severe inflammation besides a dry eye disease.

안구건조증 치료제 HL036은 항-TNF 항체를 개량하여 안약형태의 점안투여가 가능하도록 개량한 바이오베터 의약품으로 다양한 염증성 질환을 일으키는 TNF 수용체와의 결합을 억제함으로 항염증에 의한 치료 작용기전이 뛰어나다.

-TNF 항체는 전 세계적으로 26조원의 시장규모를 형성하고 있는 가장 큰 항체의약품으로 류마티스관절염 치료제로 사용되는 엔브렐이 대표 품목이다. HL036은 이 항-TNF 항체를 분자개량한 바이오베터로 기존 항-TNF 항체에 비해 높은 조직분포율과 증가된 안정성 및 활성을 나타내도록 개량됐다이러한 개량으로 인해 안구건조증 치료제 외에도 향후 관절염만성호흡기염신경계염염증성장질환 등 극소염증 질환들에 다양하게 적용이 가능한 특징을 갖고 있다.

HL161” is an antibody medicine to cure severe autoimmune diseases like severe myasthenia, pemphigus, neurological myelitis, lupus hepatitis, and other diseases occurring from autoantibody attacking itself, and this antibody medicine with novel mechanism removes autoantibodies from a body.


The conventional plasmapheresis technique or the intravenous immunoglobulin injection (IVIG) extracted from blood plasma has disadvantages such as insufficient medicinal effect, risk of infection, expensive fee, and pain, but HL161 is a novel antibody medicine to resolve these issues.


Especially, the company expects that if relatively low-cost and outstanding therapeutic effects are accentuated, the product may take significant portion of 8-trillion KRW immunoglobulin (IVIG) market.


Besides, the Generation II cephalosporin antibiotics Tomiporan under licensing as a new medicine in CFDA of China and HL040 the new composite for hypertension and hyperlipidemia under licensing as a new medicine in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea are waiting for the approval, and the composite of hypertension HL068 and HL063B under the clinical trial phase 3 in Korea are expected to be approved in 2016.


The joint management synergy effect by both companies is not limited to the pipelines for new medicines. Hanall has technology in fluid, antibiotics, and other injections, and in case of fluid, Hanall has the production line to be able to produce 2-chamber bag fluid. On the other hand, Daewoong Pharmaceutical is advantageous in oral products and general medicines for endocrine system and circulatory system instead of injections, and thus the synergy effect between two companies is expected. The companies are also planning for exploration of global markets for injections and fluid by Hanall.


Moreover, by using the drug delivery system (DDS) technology, one of the strong points by Hanall, the companies may expect the synergy effect of ensuring the line-up of various products through development of strategic first-generic products and new advanced medicines.


CEO Park Seung-guk of Hanall Bio Pharma has evaluated, “With the joint management by acquisition of share of Hanall by Daewoong Pharmaceutical, the strong points by two companies will merge efficiently to bring a powerful synergy effect. Hanall will specify exploration of the global market with the cumulative R&D performance and will prepare a new milestone of sales growth.”