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Hanall Biopharma, Launching “Fordream Tab,” Tadalafil-containing Impotence Drug
Hanall Biopharma, Launching “Fordream Tab,” Tadalafil-containing Impotence Drug

Containing Tadalafil with Sustaining Power for 36 hours

Two Sizes of 5 mg and 20 mg for Impotence and Prostatic Hypertrophy


Image of Fordream Tab

포드림정 제품사진Hanall Biopharma (CEO Park Seung-guk and CEO Yun Jae-chun) is launching “Fordream Tab 5 mg and 20 mg,” a impotence drug with tadalafil.

The generic of impotence drug Cialis, “Fordream Tab,” contains tadalafil to relax penis and blood vessels and muscles to increase blood flow to better erection. The effect works one hour after taking a drug, and the effect is maintained for about 36 hours.

There are two sizes of “Fordream Tab” – 5 mg and 20 mg. It is effective for prostatic hypertrophy, and in case of 20 mg, a tablet has a line in the middle for people to take 10 mg easily, which is the recommended dose. Fordream Tab is available in pharmacies over the country with a doctor’s prescription.

One of the staffs of Hanall Biopharma has said, “As its price is much lower than the conventional product, patients suffering from impotence or prostatic hypertrophy may treat their symptoms with lower cost.”

With launching of “Fordream Tab” with tadalafil, Hanall Biopharma has formed the line-up of impotence drugs along with “For Mr.” containing sildenafil. Through progressive marketing, the company is planning to expand its market power in the sharply growing impotence drug market.