CEO Message

The Company to Make the Future to be Healthier and Happier than Yesterday,
the Company to Promote Core Values for Human, Hanall

CEO Message

대표이사 박승국 Greetings,
For all customers and shareholders visiting the website,
This is Park Seung-guk, the representative of Hanall Bio Pharma.

Established in 1973 with the great goal of health promotion for mankind, Hanall Bio Pharma is an R&D innovative pharmaceutical company to be developed with the vision called “the world’s best Bio Pharma for R&D of new innovative medicines, the respectful pharmaceutical company to promote health of all patients over the world.”
As Daewoong Pharmaceutical decided to put the equity investment of 100 billion KRW in 2015, Hanall became a family of Daewoong Group. Thereafter, Hanall Bio Pharma could concentrate on R&D of new global bio medicines under the best R&D environment.

To develop new global innovative medicines,
Hanall has put about 15% of annual sales to R&D for more than 10 years.

As a result, Hanall now has the pipelines for new innovative medicines like antibodies to treat autoimmune diseases, which are new bio medicines to be highlighted in the global transaction market of technology, new therapeutic medicine for dry eye diseases, and anticancer immuno-antibodies.
Moreover, for the new field of anticancer medicine with metabolic regulation, the firm has been spin-off to establish the local firm called ImmunoMet in the U.S. to also concentrate on reinforcement of competence of global R&D.
Hanall will keep up all competence and passion to develop new innovative medicines to fulfill your satisfaction.

To provide trustworthy and reliable medicines of the best quality, Hanall never stops putting the best effort for all patients in pain from diseases.

For this, we are newly building the 7,500-m2 wide special plant for injections under international standards in Osong, Chungcheongbuk-do.
Once construction is completed in 2019, we expect to provide the injections of the best quality to be used safely for great medicinal effects.

Introduction of Compliance Program (CP) for fair trade

To induce fair competition and higher internal and external reliability, Hanall Bio Pharma has introduced the Compliance Program (CP) for fair trade from 2007.
We are strictly applying this program to settle it as the corporate culture of Hanall.

Hanall Bio Pharma will always walk the straight path for thorough quality management and R&D of new global innovative medicines to compensate for your trust.
Thank You.