Traces of Hanall

A leader of healthy life, HanAll Biopharma.
Please meet the stories of growth from 1973.


Would you like to hear the traces of unchanging effort for 43 years?

  • 2018 09Won the Grand Prize at the Korea Biomedicine Awards 04Selected as a person of scientific and technological merit in the Government Awards and received the President’s Citation
  • 2017 12Received the Prime Minister’s citation at the Korea New Growth Management Awards 12Licensed out the anti-FcRn monoclonal antibody HL161 for the treatment of pathogenic IgG-mediated autoimmune diseases to Roivant Sciences of the U.S. 09Licensed out two novel biologics, the anti-FcRn monoclonal antibody, HL161, for the treatment of pathogenic IgG-mediated autoimmune diseases, and the anti-TNF ophthalmic solution, HL036, for dry eye and other inflammatory diseases, to Harbour BioMed of China
  • 2016 12Certificate of Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S) 10Conclusion of joint R&D contract of Hanall-Daewoong Pharmaceutical for new anticancer immuno-antibody medicine 04Beginning of investment on new special plant for injection (Osong Biohealth Science Technopolis of Chungcheongbuk-do) 03Conclusion of joint R&D contract of Hanall-Daewoong Pharmaceutical for HL036 medicine for dry eye disease
  • 2015 08Beginning of joint management of Hanall Biopharma with Daewoong Pharmaceutical 07Spin-off of IMMUNOMET for anticancer R&D project 02Selected as a whole-cycle new medicine R&D project by the Korea Drug Development Fund
  • 2012 06Certificate of Innovative Pharmaceutical Company
  • 2010 12Award by the Minister of Knowledge Economy at Korea Technology Awards 12Commendation by the Minister of Health and Welfare at Healthcare Industry Technology Award
  • 2009 07Selected as the New Growth Engine Smart Project by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2007 10Opening of Bio Research Center and branch institute of Central Research Center in Suwon
  • 2002 04Establishment of Seoul Research Center 02Establishment of the social welfare organization “Hanall-Life”
  • 1996 12Ranked as 51 among 594 listed corporations at the evaluation of listed corporations by the Korea Management Association (ranked 4 among pharmaceutical companies)
  • 1994 12Technological partnership for the Generation III oral antibiotic Tomiron with Toyama of Japan
  • 1993 10Technological partnership for anticancer medicine M-CSF with Morinaga of Japan
  • 1991 10Technological partnership for antibiotic injection Tomiporan with Toyama of Japan
  • 1990 03Commendation by the Ministry of Finance on the 24th Day of Taxation
  • 1989 12Listed on the Korea Stock Exchange (capital after listing to be 3 billion KRW)
  • 1988 11Technological partnership for ointment Bactroban with Beecham of the U.K. 02Designated as the enterprise of KGMP by the Minister of Health and Welfare
  • 1987 03Establishment of Central Research Center
  • 1984 12Acquisition of license for import and export of drugs 10Ceremony for completion of GMP Plant in Daejeon 03“Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit” on the 18th Day of Taxation
  • 1983 03Technological partnership with multinational corporation ZAMBON from Italy to acquire the product license of Thiamphenicol 250 mg/cap in Korea
  • 1982 03Commendation by the Minister of Finance from selection of enterprise of merit for taxation on the 16th Day of Taxation
  • 1974 02Sales of antibiotic ALVACIN capsule for the first time in Korea
  • 1973 11Establishment of Hanall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (corporate title before name change: Seongyeong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)